Splashbacks for Every Room

Colour adds personality to your home! A home with personality has your style written all over it. Not everyone can design their own unique home, but a coloured glass splashback can make every home unique. Made to measure, these gleaming additions add a seamless stream of colour that lightens and brightens any room.



Find a glass splashbacks for every room:

Kitchen Splashbacks

Transform your kitchen with a glistening glass splashback.

  • Sick of cleaning the tiles behind your cooker?
  • Struggling to get the food splashes out from the grout?

Your kitchen is a showpiece, the heart of your home, but keeping your surfaces gleaming can take a lot of cleaning! The average family creates over 100 meals a month in their kitchen, from soups to sandwiches and spaghetti bolognaise, it can get messy! Is it any surprise then, that easy to clean surfaces are becoming the number one choice in Aussie households? Glass splashbacks are an easy way to maintain a sparkling kitchen, with one quick wipe the sauce splashes from last night’s spaghetti are gone! Don’t spend your time scrubbing the stains from the grout, make life easy with a seamless coloured glass splashback.

Bar Splashbacks

Transform your bar with a sleek reflective splashback.

  • Want a sparkling splashback to match your sparkling glasses?
  • Does your bar need a statement piece to tell your story?

An evening with friends and family isn’t complete without a drink around the bar. Bars tell a story, they’re personal; whether it’s sleek and contemporary or atmospheric and snug, a glass splashback adds colour to your story. Imagine a mirrored splashback reflecting the glint from your gleaming glasses or a metallic finish warming the evening with deep reflective tones. Low lighting, music and good company brings your bar to life at night, but a splashback makes it look fresh and welcoming all day, every day.

Feature Wall Splashbacks

Create a dazzling feature wall; print breathtaking images on glass.

  • Imagine an image you love
  • Now visualise it as a stunning feature wall in your home

Designing a stunning room is all about statement pieces. Less is always more, and a singular design that draws the eye, quickens the pulse and stops people in their tracks is easier to achieve than you may imagine.

Need inspiration? WA Splashbacks can help you to create a contemporary feature wall using custom made glass splashbacks. Bring the lustrous qualities of glass to life with an image of your choice and get it tailor made to fit your unique space. Breathtaking interior design is only limited by imagination, so let yours run wild and get a spectacular feature wall in your home.

Splashbacks for Restaurants, Hotels and Cafes

Create a stunning feature using branded glass splashbacks.

  • Do you want to create a lasting impression on your customers?
  • Imagine your branding reflecting the sunlight like a work of art.

Business can create a memorable impression in your business premises by using a glass splashback to display your branding and logo designs. Imagine the sophisticated and sleek feel a branded glass feature wall would create in your lobby, office or board room.

Are you a restaurant owner who wants to stand out? Create stunning effects in your bathrooms, powder rooms and bar areas with glass splashbacks featuring your branding.

Is branded glass the wrong vibe for a hipster café?

  • Do you own a chilled contemporary café?
  • Is a traditionally branded splashback too stuffy for your tribe?

Consider having a whiteboard splashback, where customers can leave messages, feedback or hashtag trends to follow. A whiteboard splashback is a great alternative behind the counter too, get your staff to use it for orders, specials and messages.

Laundry Splashbacks

Imagine a seamless splashback that lightens and brightens a small room!

  • Is your laundry feeling loved?
  • Do you want an elegant finish to a forgotten room?

The laundry is often a forgotten room, a practical space where the washing and drying goes on unnoticed by the rest of the household. But this is the engine room of family life, and it’s time to give it a fairytale ending! Tiles are like the ugly sisters in this Cinderella story, but like all good stories this one has a happy ending; your laundry room will go to the ball! Sparkling, sleek and glossy with its glass splashback!

Splashbacks are simple way to bring an elegant dash of colour and style to a small laundry room. As functional as they are fashionable, easy to clean, and no nasty grout to scrub. One quick wipe and it’s like new, sparkling in the sunlight and making your laundry feel loved.

Bathroom and Powder Room Splashbacks

Create 5-star bathroom luxury at home with a glass splashback.

  • Want designer look in your bathroom?
  • Create the perfect powder room with a sparling glass finish.

Your bathroom is place to relax, refresh and get ready for the day. Create a bathroom that feels out-of-this-world with a stunning wrap around glass splashback. Reflective, light and glossy, glass splashbacks are durable, easy to clean and can handle the hard yards that bathrooms have to take. Glass looks ageless year after year, unlike tiles which gather dirt, stain and age mercilessly.

In the powder room glass splashbacks are a fresh alternative to tiles. Powder rooms are a showpiece for your visitors, so don’t let them become a forgotten space used by the kids. Refreshing décor and contemporary design can make the right impression on your guests. Glass splashbacks are a simple and effective way to add colour and style to your powder room.

Experienced Glaziers

WA Splashbacks have a strong track record of quality service, leaving delighted customers wherever they go. Their friendly and considerate glaziers are experienced at installing custom made glass splashbacks, and pride themselves on offering a fast and efficient service.

This family owned business is led by John who has a passion for all things glass. As a Master Glazier John’s experience spans over 26, beginning as an apprentice glazier and culminating in the establishment of his own successful business WA Splashbacks. John has an eye for detail, an interest in interior design and quality workmanship. His values of excellence are instilled in his growing team who take pride in a job well done!

How can you tell if a glass splashback is the right choice for your kitchen?

If you want a simple way to create an impact in your home, then a glass splashback could be exactly what you're looking for!

In the heart of your home is the kitchen; it's a place of chatter, warmth and connection. But it's also a practical place, where food gets cooked, sauces splatter, pans spit and dirt gathers.

You need a durable, easy to clean surface that can handle this daily grime, but continues to look stunning. Tiles have traditionally been the first choice for kitchen splashbacks, but grout gets stained, is time consuming to clean and doesn't age well.

Glass splashbacks are a clean, fresh alternative to tiles. The seamless, reflective surface adds light and colour to your kitchen, whilst being low maintenance, easy to clean and looks forever new!

What you can expect?

  • Free onsite measure and quote
  • Made-to-measure glass splashback
  • Limitless colour choices
  • Creative colour consultants
  • 6mm toughened safety glass
  • Precision measurements using laser technology
  • 10-year warranty against discolouration & delamination
  • Heat resistant glass that meets Australian standards
  • Installation by professional, experienced glaziers
  • A reliable, friendly and quality service from a company that cares

Why our customers love their glass splashbacks

  • Easy to clean
  • Smooth, reflective surface
  • Beautiful colour choices
  • Looks forever new
  • Seamless appearance
  • Creates a feeling of light and space

How to order your glass splashback?

If you know that a glass splashback is just what your home needs, then this is how to get started with your order:

  1. Phone our office today and say hello to Clare or Amie
  2. Your FREE onsite measure will be scheduled
  3. Chat to our glaziers about style and colour for your home
  4. Your quote will arrive within 24 hours
  5. Accept the quote by paying a 50% deposit
  6. Then we start making your glass splashback
  7. 7 - 12 days later your splashback will be installed
  8. Our glaziers leave the area spotless
  9. You settle the final payment
  10. Now sit back and enjoy the compliments as friends admire your beautiful glass splashback!

Frequently Asked Questions

Over 26 years of practise we've had a lot of questions, and hope that our FAQ page will help answer some of yours. Whether you're wondering what kind of glass we use, or whether you can have a metallic finish, you'll find the answer in our FAQs.

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