1. Why should I choose WA Splashbacks?

WA Splashbacks is a family owned business led by John, a Master Glazier. John brings over 26 years of industry experience to his craft and oversees all aspects of the business. His team are hand-picked for their attention to detail and installation expertise, and work alongside John to perfect every detail, from measuring to manufacturing.

2. What type of glass is offered by WA Splashbacks?

WA Splashbacks use 6mm thick toughened glass, manufactured to Australian Safety Standards. We have 3 different types of glass for you to choose from:
  • Standard Clear Toughened Glass - this glass is transparent when clear, but once color is applied it carries a slight green hue.
  • Ultraclear glass or low iron toughened glass -this glass is true to its name 'ultra clear' and provides a neutral base to apply colour. Used in our True Colour range, it has virtually no green tinge.
  • Mirrored toughened splashbacks - our mirrored splashbacks come in reflective bronze or silver options.

3. How many colour options are there?

You have an unlimited palette when it comes to colour choice! Each splashback is cut and coloured to meet your individual requirements. We offer a colour matching service that allows you to recreate any shade or finish for your splashback.

4. What's difference between the colour and finish of a splashback?

The type of finish you choose can enhance the colour and style of your splashback. Light pastel tones lend themselves to a pearl finished, whereas metallic finishes add texture and depth to rich dark tones. You can choose any colour and then apply a finish to enhance the colour. Choose from solid colour, sparkle, pearl, metallic or mirror.

5. How can I be sure the splashback will fit?

Our advanced laser measuring service ensures that your space will be accurately measured for the perfect fit. We measure every space using laser technology and make individual splashbacks for every order. Your splashback will be tailored to fit your space perfectly.

6. Do you have a showroom?

Yes, we have one of the largest ranges of colours and finishes on display in Perth! Bring your vision to life and see how you can transform your kitchen when you visit our showroom.

7. What's your standard warranty?

We're so confident in the quality of the glass splashbacks we provide, we offer a 10-year warranty. This protects the product against delamination and discolouration.

8. What happens if my glass splashback shatters?

Spontaneous breakage of glass splashbacks is rare, in the unlikely event that your splashback shatters then your building insurance would usually cover this. *

9. Can power points be cut into the glass?

Yes, cutting power points into your glass splashback is no problem. Let out installers know when they come to measure and they can ensure the exact position is located. Just be aware, that once you place your order and we begin manufacturing your splashback you won't be able to change your mind about power points.

10. What surface preparation is required before instalIation?

Your glass splashback can be applied to a smooth surface that is free from protrusions. Cement, plaster board or MDF are all suitable surfaces to apply a glass splashback to. If you have any doubts call our friendly team to discuss your concerns or talk to our glaziers during your free measure and quote.

11. How do I clean my glass splashback?

Clean your glass splashback with a glass cleaner or warm soapy water and a soft cloth, just like you would your windows or mirrors. Use a lint free cloth to buff to achieve a gleaming finish.

12. What are the benefits of glass splashbacks compared to tiles?

Glass splashbacks are a fresh alternative to tiles. Grout in tiles gathers dirt and grime, stains and ages mercilessly unlike a glass splashback which stays clean and hygienic.

13. Do you cater for extra-large spaces?

At WA Splashbacks we can manufacture and cut glass up to 5 metres in length. With careful planning and seamless joins, no area is too large for us to design and configure a spashback to fit. We enjoy a challenge; any size, any shape, any time!

14. Can I order a splashback and install it myself?

Yes, we offer a supply only service for the keen DIYer. But many of our customers enjoy the peace-of-mind when they use our experienced tradesmen for their installation.

15. Do you offer a paint only service?

Yes, we service many glass companies and glaziers in the Perth metro area offering our expertise, painting their glass splashbacks with our high quality paints.

*Check with your individual policy or call your insurance provider.