Coloured Glass Splashbacks; they’re off the Spectrum!

Discover the Secret to a Designer Look Using Coloured Glass

Amazing interiors may start with design, but they’re transformed by colour. Your colour palette will enhance your home, from warm and inviting to fresh and youthful, colour impacts every space. Glass splashbacks can revitalise kitchens, bathrooms and bar areas by adding a dazzling band of colour that is only limited by your imagination.

Think Beyond the Rainbow

Here at WA Splashbacks we know how much colour matters! Our infinite colour choices mean that you can match your splashback with existing décor with confidence. We understand how difficult it can be to match one red with another, there are so many shades! You can depend on our colour matching service to get the right tone for your splashback. We’re passionate about colour and design, and are always excited to show you new variations on colour, finish and style.

A coloured glass splashback is there to be admired, so make sure it’s the perfect colour for your home. Our Ultraclear glass reflects your true colour choice, reducing the green hue that you get with standard clear glass.

Our Splashbacks Don’t Stop at Colour!

Colour makes your splashback standout, but the type of finish you choose can take it from striking to sensational! We have metallic, pearl, mirrored and sparkling finishing options that add another dimension to you glass splashback. Our finishes can be added to a huge range of colours, see them come to life in our showroom.

  • Mirror Finish - pick-up the light with a reflective silver or bronze mirror finish.
  • Sparkle Finish – add a glitter finish to any solid colour to give it a flash of bling.
  • Pearl Finish – this opaque sheen adds a fine shimming quality to your glass splashback.
  • Metallic Finish – the metallic finish reflects light beautifully with a variety of styles to choose from.

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