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When you choose a custom glass splashback from WA Splashbacks, created by our Master Glazier, you are choosing to bring quality and craftsmanship into your home. Our splashbacks are all unique and made from top-quality materials. Our splashbacks can be made in any colour, and you can choose from a range of finishes to suit your tastes.


Take a look at our gallery to see some beautiful examples of our work. From kitchens to bathrooms, we can create a splashback for any room in your home. We also design and install splashbacks for businesses!


 A custom glass splashback from WA Splashbacks can:

  • Set the mood and create personality in any room
  • Be used to create ‘zones’ in your home
  • Tie together a colour scheme


If you would love a glass splashback of your own, talk to Perth’s glass splashback specialists at WA Splashbacks. We can create your glass splashback to your custom requirements, including size, colour, and finish.


Set the mood with a custom glass splashback


Our master glazier has been working with glass for a very long time, and this experience and expertise allows WA Splashbacks to offer our clients the flexibility to create the glass splashback of their dreams!


Take this dream kitchen in Southern River, for example. WA Splashbacks created this super-dark splashback as a feature for this sleek, modern kitchen. Choosing a dark colour, in this case, helps to set a contemporary vibe and sets off the gleaming white and grey tones throughout the rest of the room.


If you would love a splashback like this to call your very own, contact the glass experts at WA Splashbacks today to discuss your vision! We would love to help make it a reality.


Create zones in your home with a custom glass splashback


Anything you can imagine for your custom glass splashback, we can deliver! Take this stylish splashback created for a home in Alkimos. This neutral-tone splashback helps to create a beautiful space for this bathroom vanity area. A splashback like this speaks to the versatility of glass and what can be achieved with it – imagine using something as simple and chic as a glass splashback to create zones within your home.


What could you achieve with a custom glass splashback?


Contact the splashback specialists at WA Splashbacks to discuss your requirements.




The finishing touch to your carefully planned colour scheme


This beautifully styled kitchen in our client’s home in Clarkson didn’t happen by accident. Every detail has been deliberately planned to create a kitchen that wouldn’t look out of place in a palace (we think so, anyway!). Our custom glass splashback helps to tie it all together, blending gorgeously with the darker tones in the cabinetry and matching the benchtop to a tee.


If you love this kitchen as much as we do and would like to create something as lovely for your own home, contact the glass experts at WA Splashbacks today. You won’t be disappointed!






WA Splashbacks - Your Coloured Glass Specialists

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Our glass splashbacks, created by our very own Master Glazier, help to set the tone in any room, in any home. We can create a splashback for you in any colour (yes – any colour!) and you can choose from a range of finishes to turn your custom glass splashback into a piece of artwork.


Take a look at our gallery to see some beautiful examples of our work. From kitchens to bathrooms, we can create a splashback for any room in your home. We also design and install splashbacks for businesses!


 As you can see, our splashbacks can be used to:

  • Create a peaceful bathroom vibe
  • Turn a wall into a real feature
  • Bring life to your kitchen


If your vision for your home includes a custom glass splashback, contact us today to discuss your requirements. We can make your dream come to life!


A bathroom fit for a fancy hotel



This beautiful home in Karnup now features a stunning vanity area thanks to WA Splashbacks. The pearly finish of this glass splashback perfectly complements the neutral tones of the space, creating a clean and sparkling look that reflects light and brightens the whole room.


If you have an area in your home that could do with a lift, consider a custom glass splashback. We offer a colour matching service to ensure that the colour of your splashback is exactly what you envisage. Contact us today!


A custom television cabinet is the feature of this lounge room



This feature wall x television cabinet is a stunning example of what can be achieved with glass by a master glazier.


Complete with built-in shelving for storage and display purposes, this cabinet area is a true masterpiece.


If you love glass and have a piece of custom furniture in mind for your home, contact the glass masters at WA Splashbacks!


Bring sparkle and light to your kitchen



This beautiful ultrasilver glass splashback is the perfect addition to a modern kitchen such as this. With a sparkling, reflective finish that bounces light back into the room, this splashback helps to make the space feel bigger and brighter, while also pulling together the various features of this kitchen, from the dark countertops to the aluminium cabinet handles.


 If you think your kitchen is missing a stunning feature such as this, talk to us about creating and installing a glass splashback that will be the ‘cherry on top’ in the heart of your home.


Perth’s glass specialists


At WA Splashbacks, we put our customers first. Our glaziers have a strong track record of providing quality service and pride themselves on providing a fast and efficient service.


When you choose WA Splashbacks to design and create your glass splashback, you are only limited by your imagination! We can craft custom splashbacks for any area of your home, including kitchens, bars, feature walls, laundries, bathrooms, and powder rooms.


We can also design and produce splashbacks for restaurants, hotels, and cafes.

The WA Splashbacks Gallery

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The team at WA Splashbacks have been helping Perth homeowners to design and create their very own beautiful glass splashbacks since the early 2000’s. We are Perth’s premium glass splashback specialists, and we take great pride in our work!


Our glass splashbacks help to set the tone in any room, in any home. Take a look at our gallery to see some beautiful examples of our work. As you can see, our splashbacks can be used to:


  • Add a light, breezy mood to your kitchen area
  • Tie together your kitchen appliances and complement warm wood tones
  • Bring a bold pop of colour to a bland space
  • Make any room seem twice as big with our stunning mirror finish



Helping to bring the outside, inside with a stunning glass splashback


WA Splashbacks installed this beautiful opaque-looking glass splashback in a stunning home in Jindalee. The reflective surface of the splashback helps to bring a touch of the outdoors into the kitchen by mirroring the home’s outdoor space – adding lovely green and yellow tones to the space.


This glass splashback helps to light up what could have been a gloomy space in this home, and the colour choice is perfect to complement the dark cabinetry.


If you love this glass splashback as much as we do, and would like to learn more about our custom-made splashbacks, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are Perth’s glass splashback experts!


Harmonising colours in a modern home



This home in Banjup is a modern masterpiece, and we love the wooden cabinetry featured throughout the kitchen. A glass splashback in this space helps to tie together the golden tones of the wood with the white benchtops and aluminium features.


If your kitchen, bathroom, bar, or any space in your home, is in need of a little TLC, contact WA Splashbacks and let’s talk about how a beautiful glass feature like this can help to bring out the best in any room.


Make a statement about your personal style with bold colours



We love the colour choice for this stand-out glass splashback! The colour helps bring to life an otherwise neutral palette, helping to bring a tonne of personality to this functional space. 


At WA Splashbacks, we can create your custom glass splashback in literally any colour of your choosing, and if you’re not sure, we provide colour matching services for your convenience.


If you love this lime green splashback and the idea of featuring one of your favourite colours in your home, contact the team at WA Splashbacks. We can make your vision come to life!


Mirror, mirror, on the wall…


…This splashback is the greatest of them all!



We put passion and years of experience into all of our splashbacks – and we love them all equally! This mirror-finish splashback installed in a Perth home is truly a winner in our eyes. It complements the silver-toned kitchen perfectly, from the metallic flecks in the benchtop to the aluminium kitchen sink.

We can create your glass splashback with a range of finishes. As well as a stunning mirror finish like this one, you can choose from sparkle, pearl, metallic, or solid colour. If you want to learn more about how your coloured glass splashback can be complemented with a stunning finish, contact us today!




We can create stunning splashbacks for any situation – made to measure!

But why should you choose a splashback from WA Splashbacks for your home or business?

Glass splashbacks are:  

  • Easy to clean – spend less time trying to scrub food stains out of the grout in your kitchen!
  • Have a smooth, reflective surface – tell a story with your splashback
  • Are available in a range of colour choices 
  • Have a seamless appearance – no grout necessary
  • Help to create a feeling of light and space – make the smallest room feel larger


Our splashbacks are easy to clean, making your life simpler


If you have tiles in your kitchen, laundry, or bathroom, you’ll know that trying to clean stains from the grout can be a nightmare!


Installing a glass splashback can radically reduce the amount of time you spend trying to clean the most-used rooms in your house. Don’t spend your time scrubbing the stains from the grout – make your life easier with a seamless glass splashback from WA Splashbacks!


Transform any room with a beautifully smooth, reflective surface


A beautiful glass splashback can help to tell the story of your home or business. Think of your bar area – this is one of the most personalised areas of your home where you spend time with close friends and family. What does this area say about you? A  glass splashback can scream sleek and contemporary or atmospheric and snug, depending on the choices you make.


We can help you choose from a range of colours


Colour plays a huge role in setting the mood of a room, and so choosing the right colour for your splashback is essential. Not sure where to start? Our last blog can help – and don’t forget to utilise our colour matching services!


Seamless and sophisticated


Splashbacks are so beautiful because they are seamless – just one beautiful piece of polished glass that deserves pride of place in your home. With no grout or cracks in sight, a splashback is the perfect backdrop to any room. And if you want to take your splashback to the next level, why not consider a feature wall splashback? Seamless glass is the perfect medium to create a stunning centrepiece from your favourite image. Talk to us today to find out your options!


Create light and space in your home


Glass is reflective, helping to increase light and space in the smallest of rooms.


Talk to WA Splashbacks today to find out how a beautiful glass splashback made by our Master Glazier can add beauty and value to your home. Glass splashbacks are a clean, fresh alternative to tiles that are low maintenance and will look new forever – what do you have to lose?


Are you building a new home, or does your current kitchen need an uplift?


Adding a splashback to your design plans is a great way to add a stylish finish to one of the most used rooms in any home.

 But how should you go about choosing the right colour? Here at WA Splashbacks, we can make you a custom glass splashback in literally any colour. This choice can be overwhelming!


But don’t panic, we have some tips for you.

 Always choose a colour that you love.

  • Match it to your existing colour scheme.
  • Decide if you want your splashback to be a feature, or blend seamlessly.
  • Think about the mood you want to create.


Choose a colour that you love     

 This tip might seem obvious, but many people can be overwhelmed and get caught up with choosing the perfect colour for their splashback without considering their personal preferences. Just because your home has a lot of white, beige, or brown, doesn’t mean your splashback has to match! A beautiful glass splashback can be a beautiful feature in your home, and you don’t want it to be totally unnoticeable (unless that’s the look you’re going for). Stay true to yourself and your wishes, after all, you’re the one who is going to be look at it every day!


Match it to your existing colour scheme


If your home has a specific colour scheme, it’s important to consider this when choosing the colour for your splashback. If you have a feature rug, or wall hanging– look at its colours and try to pick a colour from it that you love.


Will your splashback be a feature in your home?


Do you want your beautiful glass splashback to be the first thing a guest notices when they walk into your home? Or do you want to achieve a more understated effect? If you’re looking for something bold and classy but just can’t pick a colour, why not try a black splashback? This can help to draw attention to the other colours in the room without having to resort to white, grey or beige. But, of course – don’t overdo it! You have to be sure that such a bold statement will work in your home.


What mood do you want to create?

Colours play a huge role in creating mood and atmosphere within the home. Make sure you pick a colour that matches the mood you’re after:

Blue – relaxing, serene

Yellow – energy, liveliness (great for kitchens!)

White – spacious, cleanliness

Green – calming, restorative

Purple – royalty, creative

Orange – exciting, energetic

Red – romance, rage (be careful with red!)

Pink – calm, playful

WA Splashbacks colour matching service


At WA Splashbacks, we know how important it is to get the colour of your splashback right.

We offer our clients a colour matching service to save you the daunting task of guessing the exact colour that you’re after. Our Ultraclear glass reflects your true colour choice, so you don’t need to worry about that green-glass hue peeking through and ruining the exact tone you’re after! 

Contact us today to find out how we can help you create a beautiful glass splashback for your home!