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Colour is such an important part of our everyday lives. Most of us probably take the presence of colour for granted – in our busy lives, who has time to stop and appreciate the small things like the hue of the sky or the tones in your favourite painting?


Here at WA Splashbacks, we are a bit obsessed with colour and its ability to transform space. For years, we have been combining the beauty of the colour spectrum with the stunning qualities of glass to create custom glass splashbacks for our valued clients.


The team at WA Splashbacks are experts in colour and choosing the right colour schemes for the rooms in your home is such an important decision that will affect the tone of your home life for years to come. That’s why we offer our Colour Matching Service – to make sure you pick the right colour (or colours) for your beautiful new glass splashback!


Our Master Glazier can make you a custom glass splashback in any colour. The choice can be overwhelming, but we have some tips for you!


  • Pick a colour that you (and your family) loves – after all, you’re going to have to live with it every day!
  • Match it to your existing colour scheme (you don’t want to create a colour clash!)
  • Decide if you want your splashback to be contrasting or matching to create a certain mood


Choose a colour that you’ll love to live with


Many people can be overcome with the decision to simply choose the perfect colour for their home and, in turn, their custom splashback from WA Splashbacks! So, our first tip is – try to choose a colour that you are intuitively drawn to. What shades do you simply love to wear? What colour is your favourite flower? If you love the beach, why not choose a lovely calming blue? Be inspired by your treasured possessions or your favourite artwork and go from there.


If you’re unsure about where to start, contact the team at WA Splashbacks for some helpful hints and advice, and ask us about our colour matching service.


Don’t create a colour clash!


If your home has a specific colour scheme that doesn’t leave a lot of room for movement when it comes to choosing the hue of your custom glass splashback, take your cues from what already looks great. For example, if you have a feature wall covered in a stunning wallpaper with bright colours, try picking out some of your favourite shades for your splashback. This could help to tie the entire area together (especially if your home is set up for open plan living) and really give a sense of personality to your home.


Situations like this is exactly why we offer our colour matching service. It can be difficult (often impossible) to let us know exactly what colour you need your splashback to be (even a photograph might turn out too light or dark and will mess up the end result!). Our colour matching professionals will be able to pinpoint the exact colour you are after, ensuring that you will be over the moon with the end result!


Contact us to ask about our colour matching services today.


Create a mood with contrasting or matching colours


Colours play a huge role in setting the mood of your home. Make sure you pick a colour that matches the mood you’re after, for example:

Yellow – energy, liveliness (great for kitchens!)

White – spacious, cleanliness

Green – calming, restorative

Blue – relaxing, serene

Pink – calm, playful


The colour or tone you choose for your splashback is going to dictate whether or not the end result is a bold feature or a more polished, understated addition to your kitchen, bathroom, or bar. The options are truly endless when you choose WA Splashbacks for your custom glass splashback. Call us today for a chat about your requirements, or check out the photo gallery on our website to see some of our previous work!



It’s 2019! Can you believe it? What better time than the start of a brand-new year to bring a sparkling splashback into your home or office space. The master glaziers at WA Splashbacks can create the splashback of your dreams in any colour that you choose. You can even turn your favourite photograph or image into a splashback – and we can create branded splashbacks for Perth businesses!


We can create stunning splashbacks for any situation – made to measure!


If you’re still unsure about choosing a glass splashback for your home or office, let us convince you. You should choose a custom glass splashback because they are:


  • Easy to clean
  • Have a smooth, glassy surface and a seamless appearance
  • Are available in a wide range of custom colour choices
  • Great at making the smallest room feel larger with a big light reflective surface


Make your life easier in 2019 with an easy to clean glass splashback


If you have tiles in your kitchen, laundry, or bathroom, you’ll know that trying to clean stains from the grout can be a time-consuming nightmare requiring various harsh chemical and cleaning products!


Installing a glass splashback can greatly reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning the most heavily-trafficked rooms in your home. Don’t spend your time scrubbing – instead contact WA Splashbacks and order your custom splashback today!


Transform any room with a beautifully smooth, glassy surface and a seamless appearance


A glass splashback can help make your home or business unique. A glass splashback can scream sleek and contemporary or atmospheric and snug, depending on the choices you make. And the good news is – the choices are endless! Especially when you consider our range of finishes. See our website to find out more!


Splashbacks are so beautiful because they are literally seamless. With no grout or cracks in sight, a splashback is the perfect backdrop to any room – kitchen, bathroom, office, loungeroom, powder room…the list goes on! And if you want to take your splashback to the next level, why not consider a feature wall splashback? Seamless glass is the perfect medium to create a stunning centrepiece from your favourite image.


Contact us today to find out more!


Worried about colour choice? We can help!


Choosing the right colour for your splashback is essential. Not sure where to start? Don’t forget to utilise our colour matching services! We can match any colour, whether you want to pick out the tones in your favourite work of art, or a particular shade of green from that tree just outside your kitchen window.


Contact us today to learn more about our colour matching services.


Glass Splashbacks are great at making the smallest room feel larger with a big light reflective surface


Glass is light reflective, helping to increase light and space in the smallest of rooms – making a glass splashback a great choice for any sized room because who doesn’t want to feel like their home or office is larger than it actually appears!?


Talk to WA Splashbacks today to find out how a beautiful glass splashback made by our Master Glaziers can add beauty and value to your home. Glass splashbacks are a clean, fresh alternative to tiles that are low maintenance and will look new forever.


The master glaziers at WA Splashbacks can create a beautiful glass splashback for any room in your home or place of business. And with summer upon us, what better time is there to inject some colour and life into the rooms that you spend the most time? Take a look at these vibrant kitchen splashbacks, for example.


  • A bold red splashback to add drama
  • A lively yellow splashback – a talking point in any home
  • A calm blue splashback to help you relax in the kitchen


If you’d like to hear more about your splashback options, contact our friendly team or come and visit us in our Wangara showroom!


A bold red splashback to add drama to your kitchen


The right tone of red can do wonders for any space. How great does it look in this kitchen? This red hue is bold, but still warm and inviting. Red can sometimes convey anger – not the ideal feel for a space with sharp knives and hot surfaces! So, if you’re set on a red splashback, be sure to choose the right hue. Our colour experts can help if you’re not sure which colour will work best for you.


Contact the team at WA Splashbacks about choosing the right colour and finish for your glass splashback. We are happy to help you with any questions you might have!





A lively yellow splashback – a talking point in any home


This brand-new kitchen space is complemented beautifully by a bright yellow splashback from WA Splashbacks. What better way to add a splash of sophistication to your home?


The colour yellow evokes feelings of happiness and positivity – great vibes for the room at the centre of your family life.


Contact the team at WA Splashbacks to talk about your endless colour options. Let us help you create a talking point in your home with a stunning glass splashback!





A calm blue splashback to help you relax in the kitchen


This deep blue is the perfect shade to create a sense of calm in your kitchen. We love the placement of this stunning wraparound splashback. The master glaziers at WA Splashbacks can create your custom splashback in any shape, and even complete it with cut-outs for power points.


If you’re thinking glass for your home, talk to the splashback specialists at WA Splashbacks, or visit us in our Wangara showroom!





Visit our Showroom in Wangara for splashback ideas and inspiration


Visit our showroom in Wangara to view the products we stock, deliver, and fit. You can also see our extensive range of coloured glass for domestic applications in the kitchen and bathroom. If you are a commercial enterprise, we have the colour and finish of glass perfect for your restaurant or bar. Talk to our showroom staff about your splashback vision – WA Splashbacks can make it happen for you!


Showroom Address: 3/17 Prestige Parade, Wangara.



What our happy clients have said about WA Splashbacks


Highly recommend, I was extremely happy with the service from start to finish. And am loving the new look.




A HUGE THANK YOU to the team at WA Splashbacks for my amazing new kitchen. I could not be happier with the end product! I would definitely be recommending you and using you again.

Thank you



You’ve worked hard to create a memorable brand for your business. Every design decision in your office space/café/restaurant/shop reflects your brand philosophy and the vision you are trying to create. Why not take your brand to the next level with a bespoke glass splashback, perhaps featuring your business name, logo, or artwork?


Imagine the possibilities! You can create a stunning feature that will leave a lasting impression on your customers using branded glass splashbacks created by our master glaziers. Fit for window displays, behind the counter, boardrooms, bathrooms, and more – there is hardly anything you can’t do with a versatile glass splashback for your business.


Consider the possibilities:

  • Your brand colours reflected in the sunlight
  • Custom artwork or brand logos displayed tastefully in glass
  • Custom whiteboard splashbacks (wait until you hear about this!)


Your brand colours displayed on a custom glass splashback


We can recreate your specific brand colours in glass – no matter what shade or hue. Our colour range is infinite, and we even offer a colour matching service, so you can be 100% certain that you will get the right tones for your splashback. Our Ultraclear glass reflects your true colour choice, reducing the green hue you get with standard clear glass.


The master glaziers at WA Splashbacks can also offer you a range of custom finishes to choose from – including mirror finish, sparkle finish, pearl finish, or metallic finish.


If you’re overwhelmed by the choices available to you by choosing a glass splashback, contact the experts at WA Splashbacks – we’d be happy to enlighten you and help you build your brand with the perfect splashback for your business!


Custom artwork or branding displayed on beautiful glass – fit to last forever


Imagine brand-specific artwork or imagery recreated in glass and cut to the perfect fit for your shop front, counter area, fitting rooms, boardroom (you get the picture!). Humans are visual creatures, and your customers or clients are going to truly appreciate the beauty of your brand captured in glass and on display for all to see and remember.


If you would like to talk more about the possibilities of a glass splashback for your business, talk to us today. Our master glaziers will be able to accommodate your vision, no matter how grand it might be! We can even install your splashbacks on premises for you, so you don’t have to worry about finding the right tradesman for such a delicate job.


Custom Whiteboard Splashbacks from WA Splashbacks


If branded glass is the wrong vibe for your business, why not consider a hip whiteboard splashback, instead? Your customers can leave messages, feedbacks, hashtags, or even leave their own art! A whiteboard splashback is great behind the counter of your café or restaurant too – think orders, specials, messages, or even your entire menu.


If the thought of a whiteboard splashback from WA Splashbacks gets you excited, contact our friendly team today! Just don’t forget the chalk.

WA Splashbacks – Glass Splashbacks from residential kitchens to Perth cafes 


WA Splashbacks are proud to provide custom glazier services to our customers throughout the Perth Metropolitan Area.


We can create stunning glass splashbacks for the following rooms and spaces:

  • Kitchen Splashbacks
  • Bar Splashbacks
  • Feature Wall Splashbacks
  • Splashbacks for restaurants, hotels, and cafes
  • Laundry Splashbacks
  • Bathroom and Powder Room Splashbacks


Kitchen Splashbacks


If you are tired of cleaning the tiles behind your cooker or trying to get the food splashes out from the grout, then a beautiful glass splashback from WA Splashbacks

The kitchen is the heart of any home, but keeping the surfaces gleaming can take a lot of hard work! Is it any wonder, then, that easy to clean surfaces are fast becoming the first choice in Australian households?


Glass splashbacks are a great way to maintain a clean kitchen with a quick wipe instead of hours of futile scrubbing. Make your life easier with a seamless coloured glass splashback from WA Splashbacks. Contact us today!


Bar Splashbacks


If you’d love a sparkling glass splashback to match your sparkling wine and whiskey glasses, look no further! If your bar needs a statement piece, think WA Splashbacks.


Your home bar sets the mood for a night in with friends and family- whether it’s clean and contemporary or atmospheric and snug.


Mood lighting, good music, and great company brings your bar to life at night, but a splashback from WA Splashbacks makes it fresh and welcoming during the day as well. Contact us to find out how we can help you create the glass splashback of your dreams.


Feature Wall Splashbacks


Imagine an image you love transformed into a stunning feature wall in your home.


WA Splashbacks can help you to create a contemporary feature wall using your favourite image and a custom-made glass splashback – it’s a match made in heaven!
Contact us today to find out more about your options to create a glass feature wall in your home!


Splashbacks for restaurants, hotels, and cafes


If you want to create a lasting impression on your customers with a custom glass splashback, look no further than WA Splashbacks!


Business can create a memorable impression by using a glass splashback to display branding and logo designs in your lobby, office, or boardroom.


Or, if you are a restaurant owner that wants to stand out from the crowd, you can create stunning effects in your bathrooms, powder rooms and bar areas with glass splashbacks featuring your branding.


Contact us today to find out more about your glass splashback business branding options!


Laundry Splashbacks


If your laundry is feeling a little unloved and you want to add an elegant finish to a forgotten room in your home, look no further than a glass splashback from WA Splashbacks in any colour you desire.


Splashbacks are a simple and elegant way to bring a splash of colour and style to a small laundry room. As functional as they are fashionable, easy to clean, and with no nasty grout to contend with at cleaning time, a glass splashback is the perfect solution.


Contact us today to learn more about your colour and finish options!


Bathroom and Powder Room Splashbacks


If you want a designer look in your bathroom, or want to create the perfect powder room, a custom glass splashback from WA Splashbacks is the ideal solution.

Create a bathroom takes you out of the stress of everyday life with a stunning wrap around glass splashback. Glass splashbacks are durable enough to handle the hard yards that bathrooms have to take, and better yet, glass looks ageless year after year (unlike, unfortunately, our own faces reflected back at us in this sparkling surface!).


In the powder room, glass splashbacks are a contemporary alternative to traditional tiles. Powder rooms are a showpiece for any visitors to your home, so don’t let them become a forgotten space. Make the right impression with a custom glass splashback – contact us today and talk to our team about your vision!