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Kitchen Glass Splashback - Your Dream Kitchen Awaits

Nov 17,2017 at 08:16 am By Admin

You are only one step away from your Dream Kitchen

When you really think about the Kitchen, it is not just a place to prep food for your loved ones, it’s the communication centre of the home. I bet if you are anything like me having flowing conversation and have a bit of a chuckle at dinner time is great therapy after a hard day at the office. And what’s just as special is the relaxed and warm ambience that your own beautiful Kitchen Glass Splashback will provide.

You see a Glass Splashback in your home ensures your Kitchen will be the talk of the town at your next dinner party. Whether it’s your having your best friends or family over they will be green with envy.

Did you hear me say green with envy?

Now that’s one colour you wouldn’t want as your Kitchen Splashback. That’s why the team at WA Splashbacks have your back covered. One of their best known products, Ultraclear Glass has been designed to give you the aesthetic appeal of a true colour choice without staring at that green hue which is often seen with standard clear glass.


Why Choose Glass Splashbacks?

Fancy yourself as a masterchef? Well you never need to worry about cleaning unsightly grout stains again.  A glass Splashback will make your life easier the next time you cook your favourite turmeric infused curry, or saucy pasta dish. Just simply wipe down your Glass splashback and presto it’s sparkling clean. When it boils down to it Glass Splashbacks are hands down the best choice to have as your Kitchen Splashback.


Compliments any Flooring

Regardless of your interior colour scheme Glass Splashbacks will beautifully compliment any flooring whether it’s timber, cork, porcelain tiles, or washed concrete floors. The only thing you are limited to is your imagination.



What sets Glass Splashbacks apart from other traditional finishes like tiles is strength and durability. No-one likes to drop a heavy pan or pot but you would never have to worry about since chipping or scratching the splashback is virtually impossible.


Range of Colours

Now the team at WA Glass Splashbacks love giving you an abundance of colours to choose from that’s why their carefully selected range suits even the most discerning renovator, homeowner, builder, Interior Designer or Architect. It’s pretty awesome to think that WA Glass Splashbacks will help revitalise your kitchen and transform it into a fresh and inspired working space.

The best part about WA Glass Splashbacks they are very good at what they do. Since 2000 Founder John being an Ex - Glazier has always had a clear vision in mind which was to always supply high quality products with superior service to the West Australian market. It was after 2006 that he saw the growing demand for Glass Splashbacks increase which is why he has always focused on providing customers with great design.   

Now that you can see what a Glass Splashback can do for you?


Isn’t it about time you give WA Glass Splashbacks a call?


When you deal with WA Glass Splashbacks you are dealing with a FAMILY BUSINESS you can KNOW, LIKE and TRUST. Everything they do is based around providing their customers with the ultimate buying experience. So if you want to light up your home with a beautiful coloured Splashback make sure you call


John & Clare for a FREE QUOTE NOW.